#TwitterRide in AZ

So if you’re a Lance Armstrong/Livestrong/cycling/twitter/Nike fan, you might know that Lance Armstrong (a god in my book) is a big social media guy.  He has a facebook account, twitter account, a truck load of YouTube videos, not to mention a repeat of all those accounts in collaboration with his many sponsors and/or ventures.  To be quite honest, it’s pretty dang cool how accessible he makes himself to us common folk.  Take this video for example.  Here you have a big-shot, worldwide icon, taking time to play “college student” for the afternoon with a group of buddies.  This is straight from the streets.

Anyways, the title of this post is “#TwitterRide in AZ”.  What exactly is a #TwitterRide? Well, a #TwitterRide can happen at any moment.  It can also happen anywhere.  That’s the glory of it.  You never know when or where a #TwitterRide will strike.  In fact, one happened just yesterday across the country in Vermont.  I believe one struck a month or two ago back in Wisconsin.   A #TwitterRide is when @lancearmstrong decides he wants to go on a ride with as many strangers as he can get to show up with a bike and helmet.  He’ll tweet in the morning “Hey, how about a ride at X location at X:00 pm?”  And that’s it!  Now you can imagine that with 2.6 million followers, that tweet is gonna spread like wild fire.  And sure enough, more than several hundreds (sometimes thousands) of riders will show up at that X location, at that X time and go on a ride with the one and only Lance Freaking Armstrong.

Sometimes he will ask where the next #TwitterRide should be. And of course, everyone blurts outs locations across the world.  But I’m gonna take this up a notch. And if this isn’t a enough, I’ll take it to the next level.  And then I’ll keep going, and going, until the man himself, @lancearmstrong, finds himself doing a #TwitterRide here in the East Valley of Arizona.  I’ll even let him pick the route.  I’ll even bring the @Gatorade.  Heck, I’ll even pick him up from the airport if he needs a ride.  But as heaven as my witness, mark my words Lance, you will do a #TwitterRide in Arizona.

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