I’m back…but injured.

Ok, sorry, it’s been a while since I was here last.  The fam and I took a week-long vacation to go to Southern California (where I was born and raised) and hit up Disneyland and see a couple old friends.  After a little rain, the trip turned out to be a blast.

Well, before the trip I hit 60 miles.  That was the furthest I’ve ever been on a bike.  I almost made it the whole way without any complications, actually feeling better than I thought, but with about 3 miles to go we pulled up to a stop sign.  At that moment the exhaustion and fatigue set it.  I noticed I was about to stop right next to a pile of sand and debris and thought “Oh, I don’t want to put my foot in that!” At that point my bike was pretty much stopped, and before I knew it I was tipping in the opposite direction.  No real serious damage to me or the bike.  Although, a couple of teeth from the chainring found their way into the back of my leg.  Again, nothing major.

And now that I’m back from CA, someway, somehow, I managed to throw my back out.  So I’ve been poppin’ the Tylenol for the past few days and hoping to feel better ASAP so I can get back on the bike and logging in miles.  Also, my Nike Altea shoes should be waiting in the mail when I get home.  I found them on a Craigslist post in WA a few weeks ago and offered to pay shipping.  I used to work for Nike and I’m a HUUUGE Nike addict, so I jumped on these shoes which are top-notch, but now discontinued.

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