Alteas And A New Roubaix

Yesterday was a big day for me, as I would imagine it would be for any cyclist.  Thanks to help and support of my wife, the guys down at Global Bikes (Gilberet, AZ), and the 2010 close-out specials, I officially bought a BRAND NEW bike.  Oh man, it was exciting!  It was like buying a brand new car.  They didn’t have that exact model in my size in the store, so they had to order it.  It should be here by the end of this coming business week.  And you can bet I’ll be throwing up pics and videos of that.  For now, here’s a stock photo of my new Specialized Roubaix Elite Compact:


Specialized Roubaix Elite Compact

Specialized Roubaix Elite Compact


Now I considered going with the Elite Triple, so I’d have the infamous “granny gear”, but I figured “I can’t be showing up with a “granny gear” anymore, especially on a new bike that I had complete control over whether it had it or not. (My current bike is an Allez Sport Triple, but I bought it for 200 bones off a buddy of mine, so it is what it is.)  I figured being as young as I am a triple gear isn’t something that you should be showing up with.  A hand pump being another.

At any rate, it’ll be here later this coming week.  And yeah, I took the all white…’cause it was the only color left.  Oh! I also changed the cleats on my new shoes.  I found a pair of hard to find Nike Altea shoes off Craigslist a few weeks ago.  Like I’ve mentioned, I’m a former Nike Employee, and huge Nike fan, so there was no way I could pass on these for the price he wanted.  I’ve wanted a pair like this for a really long time, so with new shoes and a bike on its way, it all seems to be taking shape for the next long time.


Nike Altea cycling shoes

Nike Altea cycling shoes


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