Back From The Holidays, Before More Holidays.

Ok, so I slacked off a bit after getting this blog up and going.  It happens to everybody.  You sign up.  You’re all excited and pumped to type everything out and give it to the world to see.  You keep up on your posts every few days or so.  And then….nothing.  All of a sudden you miss a day.  Then another.  Now it’s been a week.  Now a month.  You started off so well, but posting 5 times never turned into a habit

Well I can’t go back now and change any of it, so for starters I’ll give you a few links to catch up on.  First is my recap of El Tour de Tucson.  This is a 109 mile bike race and happened to by my first century ride.

I work for a pest control company in AZ, so if I’m not talking or thinking about my next ride, or the 2011 Team RadioShack roster, I’m blogging and thinking about pest control.  Ants, Spiders, Roaches.  Even the famed scorpion.  We love our little critters…..right up until we blast them dead.

As far as cycling goes, I probably won’t be talking a whole lot about it right now.  For one, I myself am taking a little break from all the riding, hopefully to get back in the gym for lots of reconditioning.  And two, pro cycling is currently in the off-season, so there’s not much to talk about anyways.

So what can we expect from SteveOnTheBike for the next several months?  Definitely the NBA.  A little bit of college sports.  Maybe the NFL by the time the playoffs roll around.  And of course a couple other odds and ends along the way.

Oh.  Almost forgot.  I wanted to share a post from one of our San Antonio pest pages about a talking tree.  No joke!

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