Lance Is In The Building….Or, At Least The State.

So I know I said in an earlier post that I was going to campaign for a one Mr. Lance Armstrong to do a #TwitterRide here in Arizona.  Well, my dear friends, according to Google Maps, it appears that @lancearmstrong is within 105 miles of my current location.  How is this so?  Well, he is in Tucson for Team RadioShack’s first team training camp of the upcoming pro season.  In fact, all the big ballers should be down there.  Levi Leipheimer, Ben King, Chris Horner (who I’m coming to find out is pound for pound one of the best interviews on television.  He rivals Dana White).  And we can’t forget that The Man, The Legend: Johan. Freaking. Bruyneel.

Lance Armstrong hopefully setting up #TwitterRide in AZ.

Now, I know I’m no Fatty Cyclist.  I don’t have the social and financial pull that some of these fans have that would actually get me invited down to camp.  But gosh dang it, I’m a twitter user, I’m a huge Lance fan, and I’m a huge Team RadioShack fan.  Shoot!  I’m even a former Nike employee.  Lance, at one point we worked for the same employer.  We both don the Swoosh!  We have both reaped the seeds sown by Steve Prefontaine.

(And while I’m thinking about it, I tweeted you, Lance, last week about any possible return of the consumer line of Nike Cycling.  Do you know how hard it is to find good Nike Cycling products on eBay these days in good condition?  Everything is at least 2 years old.  Luckily, however, I just recently was able to get a brand new pair of 10//2 cycling shorts.  I’m pumped about those.)

Lance Amrstrong on a #TwitterRide

Getting back on track…or Trek!  Lance, AZ needs a #TwitterRide before you leave back to Austin…or Colorado…or where ever you’re going next.  And if you can’t make it up to the Phoenix area, we can do it down in Tucson.  I was just down there for El Tour de Tucson.  I’m confident those roads will remember me.  Just gotta give me enough time to ditch work, go grab my bike from home and make it back down to Tucson.  Two and a half hours should be enough.  You give me at least 2.5 hours, and I’ll be there.  Rain or shine.  Rest assured, I’ll hold up my end of the deal.

Let’s go, Lance.  Let’s #TwitterRide!

Some day this will be me!


WHOA!!! Stop the press! Stop the press!

Upon further investigation, I have just learned from Team RadioShack’s official website that the team’s training camp is taking place in Scottsdale this year.  Is this for real?  This changes everything!  Google Maps now has @lancearmstrong at within 30 miles of my current location.  Lance, if you’re listening, now I only need 1.5 hours to go get my bike and get back up to Scottsdale.  Something around midday would actually be helpful.  That way I’m not battling traffic on the 101 to get up there or on the way back.  Much appreciated!

If you’re in Scottsdale, Lance, I have to assume you’re riding up on the Beeline and around Bush Hwy.  If you’re not, you should. It’s pretty.  Alright, Lance.  I’m waiting.  Just tweet me and all of Twitter back and let me know when we’re doing this…

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