My Lance Armstrong Autographed Team Radioshack Jersey

To kick off the 2011 pro tour during the Santos Tour Down Under, Radioshack was giving way autographed Lance Armstrong jerseys to its twitter followers for correctly answering Team Radioshack trivia. Two correct answers were chosen each day of Tour Down Under as winners.  And it wasn’t just the first answer wins, but a drawing of all correct answers for that day submitted between a specified window of time.

My question…

Sounded easy enough.  Robbie EcEwen!  Shortly after the contest closed, this appeared…


I sent my info over to @Radioshack and about a week later, THIS arrived!…

And this is what is said…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  A Team Radioshack jersey “from the 2010 season and is signed by Lance Armstrong.  I hope you enjoy.”  Indeed, Ms. Sarah Barnes.  Indeed, I will.

And here she is in all her glory, raw and untouched.  Except by 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Freaking Armstrong.  “Unworn”, I should say.  By yours truly.

After a snapped these quick pics with my iPhone I put her back in the box she came in and put her in my closet.  Just until I get her a better home in which to reside, like a wall frame with glass encasement.

Thanks, Radioshack for taking care of your twitter followers.  And be sure to keep up with Team Radioshack as well.

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