I’m back…but injured.

Ok, sorry, it’s been a while since I was here last.  The fam and I took a week-long vacation to go to Southern California (where I was born and raised) and hit up Disneyland and see a couple old friends.  After a little rain, the trip turned out to be a blast.

Well, before the trip I hit 60 miles.  That was the furthest I’ve ever been on a bike.  I almost made it the whole way without any complications, actually feeling better than I thought, but with about 3 miles to go we pulled up to a stop sign.  At that moment the exhaustion and fatigue set it.  I noticed I was about to stop right next to a pile of sand and debris and thought “Oh, I don’t want to put my foot in that!” At that point my bike was pretty much stopped, and before I knew it I was tipping in the opposite direction.  No real serious damage to me or the bike.  Although, a couple of teeth from the chainring found their way into the back of my leg.  Again, nothing major.

And now that I’m back from CA, someway, somehow, I managed to throw my back out.  So I’ve been poppin’ the Tylenol for the past few days and hoping to feel better ASAP so I can get back on the bike and logging in miles.  Also, my Nike Altea shoes should be waiting in the mail when I get home.  I found them on a Craigslist post in WA a few weeks ago and offered to pay shipping.  I used to work for Nike and I’m a HUUUGE Nike addict, so I jumped on these shoes which are top-notch, but now discontinued.

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Clipping In.

Hello everybody.  My name is Steve.  I just got into cycling about 6 months ago and just recently decided to register for the Tour de Tucson at the end of November.  I figured I would go ahead and chronicle the weeks leading up to the big event and maybe hit a few other topics along the way.  I’m a big sports fan, so I’ll definitely be hitting on that.  I also work for a local pest control company managing our paid online advertisements and our social media accounts.  (So if you have a pest control question, feel free to ask.)

On to the daily minutes…  I got back on the bike this morning after almost a full week off.  Last Saturday I blew a hole right threw the top of my back tire, so it took a couple days before I could get a new tire, couple new tubs, etc. and get ‘ol Faithful up and going.  And then the past few days I would just flat out tired and couldn’t wake up in the mornings.  So I got back out this morning for a quick ride. I haven’t measured yet, but I think it was around 18 or so.  I’m doing 45 tomorrow, so I didn’t wanna ruin myself before that.

*Sidenote: We just spent the last 15 minutes in the office playing with one of our resident scorpions.  My boss finally decided to pick it up by its tail.  As soon as we chop the footage up, I’ll post it up here.

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