This itch must be scratched!

So, like I’ve mentioned before, I work in the pest control industry.  No, I’m not the one out doing service calls at the houses.  I’m tucked away in a little office with not even as much as a sign on the door with the company name.  I work with with a bunch of dudes, so our office is pretty non-glamorous, a little scattered and pretty informal.  Most days I come in here with my Nike Jordan shorts and a t-shirt.

Aside from from 4 or 5 worker buddies, we have an aquarium full of scorpions.  27 to be exact!  And as of yesterday we dropped in a smaller sized container with a black widow and it’s 200 nearly born youngins.  The baby widows are really, really small.  In fact, they can easily slip threw the vents in the top of the container, which they’ve already begun to do.  Working here I’ve come in pretty close contact to lots of little, creepy crawlers.  But something about having all these scorpions and spiders in one container on our web coder’s desk started to creep me out.  It was that sensation of just by being near all of it, you start to feel like something is on you for the rest of the day.  I was even scratching around my body last night after I got home.

It finally hit me why I was itching and scratching so much last night.  It wasn’t the 27 scorpions all living together in the same place.  Or the additional 200 plus black widows.  Or the fact that most of the black widows are small enough to escape.  Or the fact that a few probably have without us catching them, and now we have baby widows living somewhere in our very own office.  Nope.  One of that.

I have actually been itching and needing to scratch for one Specialized Roubaix Elite Compact in all white.  Apparently it’s on its way and was either suppose to get here today or hopefully tomorrow.  I still have an hour and 10 minutes before the store closes tonight, so I’m still holding out hope that they’ll call me before then.  I’m tempted to even call those guys up and ask them if they have a tracking number I can have so I can monitor its arrival to the store.  Maybe I’ll stew on that one for another hour or so…

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